We tried the Kay Ivey beer before it’s gone —here’s how you can, too

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Take this as your sign to visit BeeZr now to be one of the people who tasted the first batch of the KIV Sweet Tea Sour. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Have you heard? Chandlers Ford Brewing located in BeeZr has released a hit new concoction: the KIV Sweet Tea Sour, a beer inspired by Governor Kay Ivey. It’s all the rage and for good reason.

I chatted with brewer Doug Tibbs to get the scoop on Alabama’s new signature beer. Keep reading to find out when + how you can try it yourself, plus see what we have to say about the taste.

A surprising hit—cans already sold out twice

When the brewers at Chandlers Ford Brewing thought up this idea almost two years ago, they had no idea the public would react with such passion.

“I didn’t expect this response. I’ve got people coming in and calling me all day looking for the cans.”

Doug Tibbs, Chief Zymurgy Officer

The beer was a hit with the community and cans flew off the shelves twice in the past few weeks.

Don’t wait to try it—only on tap for a short time

Kay Ivey beer
Kay Ivey-inspired beer at BeeZr
KIV Sweet Tea Sour
Taste it before it’s gone! (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

They may have sold out of cans for now, but the tasty sweet tea-inspired beer is still on tap for another week or so until it’s gone.

So…what’s up with the KFC logo?

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The KIV Sweet Tea Sour features Alabama governor Kay Ivey in the likeness of a familiar fried chicken chain. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

You’re thinking what I was thinking: what’s this KFC-Kay Ivey business about? It all started one night a year and half ago after a couple beers when Doug and his buddies threw out the idea of making a Kay Ivey beer.

“Adam, the guy who does our artwork, pulled up the photo of Kay Ivey on his iPad to start sketching a logo for this new beer idea and I said, ‘Hey, put a little bowtie on her, she looks like the KFC dude.'”

Doug Tibbs, Chief Zymurgy Officer

And it was that simple—this eye-catching logo is just a light-hearted, kitchy idea they dreamed up before the beer recipe itself. Kay Ivey reposted the can on her Instagram story in favor of the beer.

Is it worth the hype? (We tried it, and spoiler alert, yes)

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I’d go back for seconds. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Honest reviewer, here—I’m not a beer person (at all). I am a tea person, however, so I had high hopes for this Sweet Tea Sour. That said, I loved this drink.

Doug explained this beer is cold conditioned with Piper and Leaf’s Front Porch Special tea blend (I’m listening…). The tea cold-steeps with lemon peel and honey for two days, maximizing the beautiful aroma and notes from the jasmine in the tea leaves.

The lemon peel and honey give this drink a bright, sweet lemony taste that’s refreshing, but not in a sour-puckering way. It has a well-rounded zingy and sweet taste that kept me wanting more (a shocker for me to say).

I didn’t find it stout, sour or bitter like I find most beers I’ve tried, and you could probably convince me I wasn’t even drinking a beer it was that good.

Stay tuned for the next batch

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Chandlers Ford Brewing will be bringing back the KIV Sweet Tea Sour ASAP (Chandlers Ford Brewing / Facebook)

If you didn’t get to try the KIV, don’t fret. Another batch is in the works for release in a month or so.

“With this response, you can’t ignore it, so we’ll be making more batches.”

Doug Tibbs, Chief Zymurgy Officer

Follow their socials to be the first to know when the KIV Sweet Tea Sour makes its return:

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