We moved from work at home to COIN Coworking. Here’s why we love it


Working from Coin Coworking has been a wonderful experience so far. (Hville Blast)

At the beginning of the year, I started looking around for some office space for the growing Hville Blast team, and I had become stuck in my search because I just could not find the right fit for us. Then I stumbled upon Coin Coworking at Lincoln Mill.

This has truly been one of the best decisions we have made here at Hville Blast, as we have found an amazing work home at Coin Coworking.

A perfect work environment

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The open space has made for a fabulous work environment. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

When we first got settled in here at Coin, there were multiple reasons why we immediately were drawn to the space. But after nearly half a year here, we have found even more reasons to love it.

One of the aspects of Coin Coworking that appealed to me first was the set-up, which offers the right amount of space but also feels cozy and inviting.

But here is what I have found is one of my favorite aspects of working here: you can be as private or as collaborative as you want. What I mean is that if you want to keep to yourself, you absolutely can — there is plenty of space to do so — but we found that there was a lot to be gained by getting to know the fellow tenants at Coin.

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The kitchen/break room is a great space to mingle with your fellow tenants at Coin. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

There are writers, photographers, designers, publishers, marketing executives and more all working from Coin, and that has made the coworking space even more beneficial to us, as we often share ideas and even utilize the talents of our office mates.

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Great amenities at Coin

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There’s always a fresh urn of coffee at Coin. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

We would all be happy enough at Hville Blast about the free coffee at Coin Coworking (seriously, there really is always a fresh urn of coffee ready all day) but we — like many of our office mates — take advantage of all of the amentities.

Our team often needs a quiet space for conference calls, and meeting space when we have to collaborate on projects. We have that and more at Coin. The nice-sized conference room is easy to reserve and the two quiet booths are perfect for phone calls and video conferences.

We also have utilized the printer/scanner fairly often and I always use the fridge in the break room for my lunch. Oh, and I also take full advantage of the snacks and sparkling water Coin owner Will Harbison provides in the kitchen.

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We are often using the printer and scanner at Coin Coworking (Hville Blast)

The different membership options include:

  • Private Office – Starting at $1,000 a month, you have your own private office in the Coin coworking space, which includes a desk, filing cabinet and the option to bring in more office supplies that you need..
  • Dedicated Desk – For $320 a month, you have your own desk in the open workspace, so you can always have the same desk in the same spot, and store your files, keep your computer, etc. at the desk.
  • Flex Space – At $190 a month, this is an incredibly affordable option, and allows you access to the space, and wherever inside the space you choose to work.

Keep in mind, all tiers of membership include access to the kitchen, conference room and quiet rooms. Need a mailing address for your company that is not your home? Coin has that option as well for $100 a month. Need to just come in for a day? Well, a daylong pass is just $50. Also, there’s free parking!

Meaningful relationships

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Coin Coworking owner Will Harbison is more often than not on site to help out with what you need. (Hville Blast)

Owner Will Harbison does a fantastic job of making sure all of his clients’ needs are being met. He has been great about accommodating our growing and changing team, making sure the new folks get oriented and feel at home.

He always asks if there is anything we need and he runs an organized yet casual ship at Coin.

One of the main reasons so many of our office mates have said they love Coin is because of Will himself. He is accommodating, but also truly cares about your business and you being as comfortable as possible conducting your business at Coin.

We could not have asked for a better spot to work and to grow Hville Blast, and we plan to stay at Coin Coworking for as long as we can!

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