Celebrate Women’s History Month at these 11 woman-owned eateries

Emily baby bite bake shop woman-owned
Emily Sharman is one of many talented Huntsville women who own their own culinary businesses. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

March is Women’s History Month, and Huntsville is celebrating with several unique events.

But, what’s a celebration without some fabulous food? We’ve got you covered with 11 woman-owned eateries, bakeries and cafes to visit all month long and beyond.

1. Baby Bite Bake Shop

Emily Sharman is the woman behind this bakery, and she’s been baking tiny cakes ever since she moved to Huntsville and opened Baby Bite Bake Shop in 2018. You can read more about Emily’s story here.

Here’s where to find Baby Bite Bake Shop.

2. Valentina’s Kitchen

valentinas kitchen
This place has some seriously delicious food. (Valentina’s Kitchen / Facebook)

You can find this woman-owned food truck parked outside the Monrovia Marathon Gas Station, with a big picnic table outside and lots of tacos inside. Scroll through the 100+ reviews on Google (with an average of 4.9 stars), and you’ll find yourself on your way to try her tacos in no time.

3. Angel’s Island Coffee

angels island coffee owner
Angel Hussain is the owner of Angel’s Island Coffee. (Angel’s Island Coffee / Facebook)

Did you know that the popular South Huntsville coffee shop is named after the owner? Yep—Angel’s Island Coffee is owned by the incredible Angel Hussain. She opened her dream coffee shop in 2007, at just 23 years old. It quickly became a Huntsville favorite and continues to be so today.

4. Betty Mae’s

Betty Mae's tanya woman-owned
Tonya is also known as—you guessed it—Betty Mae. (Betty Mae’s Restaurant / Facebook)

Tonya Purnell is the woman behind Betty Mae’s—the beloved soul food spot on North Memorial Parkway. She serves up Southern specials in the classic meat-and-sides format, and no one ever leaves hungry.

5. The Veggie

the veggie chef adyre
Chef Adyre won Huntsville’s Culinary Business of the Year last year with The Veggie. (The Veggie / Facebook)

Chef Adyre Mason is the award-winning woman behind the Huntsville vegan comfort food spot, The Veggie. She started The Veggie in 2017, appeared on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay in 2022 and won Huntsville’s Culinary Business of the Year in 2022. Needless to say, she knows her stuff.

6. Mason Dixon Bakery + Bistro

Ashley Ramirez Mason Dixon
Dr. Ashley Ramirez won Huntsville’s Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year last year with Mason Dixon Bakery + Bistro. (Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro / Facebook)

Mason Dixon Bakery will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this April, and we’re celebrating the woman behind it—Dr. Ashley Ramirez. While earning her multiple degrees, Dr. Ramirez found out that she had Celiac disease. When she moved to Huntsville, she came up with the idea of opening a gluten-free bakery, which has since become a local favorite.

7. Honest Coffee

honest coffee Christy graves
Christy Graves is the one who started it all. (Honest Coffee Roasters / Facebook)

If you’ve been in the Huntsville area for any length of time, chances are, someone’s asked, “Want to go to Honest?” Honest Coffee is one of Huntsville’s go-to spots for good vibes and good coffee—and Christy Graves is the owner and operator behind it.

8. Suzy’s Pops

suzys pops 2
She makes some of the most creative popsicles we’ve seen. (Suzy’s Pops / Facebook)

Strolling through one of Huntsville’s markets on a hot summer day gives us the perfect excuse to have a popsicle—made by Suzy, of course! Suzy has been making creatively delicious popsicles since 2011, and they never disappoint.

9. Good Company Cafe

angela ozbolt good company
She makes us smile, too. (Good Company Cafe)

Good Company Cafe is owned by Angela Ozbolt, Huntsville native and winner of Rocket Chef 2019. She brings Huntsville an “eclectic concept, inspired by Southern and Northern roots as well as European and Middle Eastern travels.”

10. Pizzelle’s Confections

Michelle and Caitlin pizzelle's
Co-owners Michelle and Caitlin (center) with their talented team. (Pizzelle’s Confections

Sister team Michelle Novosel and Caitlin Lyon are the co-owners and confectionary experts at Pizzelle’s Confections. With loads of experience and expertise in the world of confections, these two have built a reputation as the go-to spot for quality chocolate and confections in Huntsville.

11. Pofta Buna International

nicoleta Hargrove pofta buna
This is Nicole Hargrove, the mastermind behind Pofta Buna. (Pofta Buna International)

Pofta Buna means, “Enjoy your meal” in Romanian, and that’s exactly what we do at this international cafe. The woman behind it is Nicole Hargrove, originally from Bucharest, who brings authentic European food to Huntsville.

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