5 Huntsville nurseries that will help you build a stunning spring garden

Plants lining wall with bamboo light fixture
Nurseries know how to do it right—plants are the perfect addition to your home’s feature wall. (Botanica Huntsville / Facebook)

Lately in Huntsville, we’ve been experiencing some uncharacteristically warm weather for February. Maybe it’s the onset of the spring season or perhaps it’s just a false alarm—either way, we’ve caught a bit of spring fever.

So if you’re like us and starting to look forward to spring, check out these awesome Huntsville plant nurseries.

1. Botanica Huntsville

Wooden chair with fur pillow in front of wallpapered wall with plants all around.
If I only had one chair to sit in the rest of my life, I think that one would be it. (Botanica Huntsville / Facebook)

Botanica is a woman-owned business with stores in two states—Alabama and Tennessee.

At the start of 2023, longtime employee and Huntsville native Kitt Campbell took over ownership of the downtown Huntsville shop. She specializes in houseplants and offers workshops, events and classes.

2. Bennett Nurseries

Pink and red flower plants at Bennett Nurseries
Have you ever seen anything happier than a room of flowers? (Bennett Nurseries / Facebook)

Formerly named Byers Nursery Center, Bennett Nurseries has been providing beautiful plants and flowers for Huntsville since 1965. Not to mention, they’ve won numerous awards over the years, so you can trust their quality.

Perennials, mixed planters, roses, herbs, fruit trees and more line their breathtaking six-acre nursery.

3. Huntsville Wholesale Nursery

Shrub trees in a line, at one of the nurseries in Huntsville
Imagine these gorgeous trees lining the driveway to your home. (Huntsville Wholesale Nursery / Facebook)

Huntsville Wholesale is one of the best nurseries to visit if you want top-notch shrubs and trees for your home’s garden.

Many of these plants started as seedlings on the nursery’s own 30-acre farm in Athens. By the time they reach the garden center, they have received years of TLC from expert gardeners.

4. Vacation Plant Co.

Two young women looking at plants
The houseplant selection at Vacation Plant Co. is hard to beat. (Vacation Plant Co. / Facebook)

If you’re a plant enthusiast with a busy schedule, you’re going to fall in love with Vacation Plant Co. This is one of the few nurseries in Huntsville where you can have your plants delivered directly to your doorstep.

5. Reseda Nursery + Stone Yard

Rows of hanging flowers
The only thing better than flowers are hanging baskets of flowers. (Reseda Nursery + Stone Yard / Facebook)

Reseda is a family-owned shop established in 1985. Over the years, they have grown four small greenhouses to a garden center showcasing over 120,000 square feet of plant-filled wonder.

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