7 Huntsville photographers to follow now

Pathfinder shuttle from the air
Sparrow Digital Media shared this stunning photo of the Pathfinder shuttle before it was removed for restoration. (Sparrow Digital Media on Facebook)

It’s no secret that the Huntsville area has a surplus of local talent, from great tech minds to the arts and everything in between. Thankfully, that includes several photographers who have a knack for seeing our city from a different point of view.

Here are seven photographers we found who highlight the beauty of Huntsville.

1. Sparrow Digital Media (@sparrowdronehsv)

Orion Amphitheater
Sparrow Digital Media grabbed this photo of the new Orion Amphitheater mid-construction. (Sparrow Digital Media on Facebook)

Sparrow Digital Media specializes in drone photography and videography in the Huntsville area, focusing on both the natural world and bird’s-eye views of recognizable landmarks. Follow them on social media for a new perspective on some of your favorite local spots.

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2. Joe Hendrickson (@jhphotohsv)

If you’re interested in wildlife photography, give Joe Hendrickson a follow on Instagram. There, you’ll find beautiful animal photos alongside shots of your favorite local spots. Visit his website to purchase prints.

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3. Zia Hassan (@zdocphotos)

Zia Hassan nature photography
Zia Hassan’s work makes Huntsville look like an illustration from a fairy tale. (Zia Hassan on Facebook)

The beautiful nature surrounding Huntsville is part of what makes this area so unique. Zia Hassan makes the natural elements the no. 1 focus in his work, which is centered around the breathtaking landscapes just minutes away from the city.

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4. Hunter Pearson (@the_space_wrangler)

Hunter Pearson’s work stretches beyond this world with breathtaking images of nebulas and galaxies. His colorful imagery highlights the vibrancy of Huntsville and the surrounding areas.

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5. David Parham (@huntsvilleadventurer)

Bethel Springs
This waterfall is at Bethel Springs Nature Preserve in New Hope, just a 30 minute drive from Downtown Huntsville. (Huntsville Adventurer on Facebook)

If David Parham’s photography doesn’t inspire you to get outdoors, I don’t know what will. Who knew there were so many unbelievable waterfalls in North Alabama?

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6. Beth Cowan Drake (@alabamalabella)

Editor and Publisher of Alabama the Beautiful Magazine, local photographer Beth Cowan Drake’s work finds the beauty in both the natural and the man-made. Follow her for landscapes, wildlife and still lifes of the city, as well as highlights from around the state.

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7. HSV Photo (@hsvphoto)

Favored landmarks like the Saturn V, the Lowe Mill water tower and the steeple at First Baptist Huntsville loom large on HSV Photo’s feed. You’re sure to find a creative take on your favorite spot when you follow the page on Instagram.

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Which local photographers do you think capture the spirit of Huntsville the best? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to use the hashtag #hvilleblast.

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