9 unique rentable spaces for your next meeting in Huntsville

Rockets at Huntsville Marriott
The view from the Huntsville Marriott is unmatched. (Huntsville Marriott on Facebook)

A few weeks ago, the Hville Blast team found ourselves in a bit of a pickle: our boss was coming to town from the home base in Birmingham, and we needed a spot to meet. Our Huntsville team works remotely, so we set out to find the place, as we didn’t think cramming the whole team around my dining room table would really be appropriate.

We found a meeting space, but thought that our experience might be familiar to other small businesses, startups and work-from-homers. Below, we round up nine rentable spaces for your next team meeting.

1. Huntsville Hub

Meeting room at Huntsville Hub
(Huntsville Hub on Facebook)

Located in South Huntsville, the Huntsville Hub has a range of offices and conference rooms seating anywhere from 1-30 people. Rooms available include:

  • Day Office: Book
  • Event Room: Book
  • Loft Conference Room: Book
  • Main Conference Room: Book
  • Round Table Room: Book
  • Seminar Room: Book
  • Small Conference Room: Book

Location: 600 Boulevard S SW Suite 104, Huntsville, AL 35802

2. Huntsville Museum of Art

Huntsville Museum of Art
(Nathan Watson / The Bama Buzz)

While many may associate rental spaces at the Huntsville Museum of Art with weddings and larger events, the museum also offers meeting spaces for smaller groups. Choose from the following:

  • Betsy & Peter Lowe Boardroom: Book
  • The Board Room: Book

Location: 300 Church St SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

3. Burritt on the Mountain

Burritt on the Mountain
Educational experiences, hiking trails, and meeting rooms are all available at Burritt on the Mountain. (Burritt on the Mountain on Facebook)

Burritt on the Mountain is a spot where Huntsville locals can learn about Huntsville’s history and gain a better understanding of the nature of Round Top Mountain. The spot also has rentable space for meetings and events, which you can book online.

Location: 3101 Burritt Dr SE, Huntsville, AL 35801

4. Jackson Center

Jackson Center
Jackson Center in Research Park might be right for your next meeting or event. (Jackson Center on Facebook)

Situated conveniently in Cummings Research Park, Jackson Center has a range of meeting and event spaces available for rent.

Book one of the following spaces:

  • Board of Directors Room
  • Discovery Hall
  • Entrance/Atrium Area
  • Inspiration Room
  • The Lawn at Jackson Center
  • The Pub

Location: 6001 Moquin Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35806

5. Redstone Gateway Conference and Dining Center

Redstone Gateway food
If the convenience of a working lunch is appealing to you, consider the spaces at Redstone Gateway. (Redstone Gateway Conference and Dining Center on Facebook)

When Redstone Arsenal’s Gate 9 was moved five years ago, it was to make space for what is now known as the Redstone Gateway. The Redstone Gateway Conference Center provides a meeting location just outside the gates of Redstone Arsenal, providing easy access for those on and off the installation.

Spaces available include:

  • Combined Conference Room Space
  • Dipwich All-American Sandwiches
  • Fiero Mexican Grill
  • Kennedy Conference Room
  • Rocket City Tavern
  • Rocket City Tavern Chef’s Table
  • Rocket City Tavern patio
  • Saturn Conference Room
  • Von Braun Conference Room

Inquire about booking online.

Location: 2100 Rideout Road SW, Huntsville, AL 35808

6. Regus Meeting Rooms

Regus operates two meeting spaces in the Huntsville area: one is in the heart of Redstone Gateway, and the other is at Cummings Research Park. At each space, choose from the following:

  • coworking spaces
  • meeting rooms
  • private office space
  • virtual offices

Book Redstone Gateway | Book Research Park

Redstone Gateway Location: 4100 Market Street, Huntsville, AL 35808

Research Park Location: 7027 Old Madison Pike NW, Huntsville, AL 35806

Bonus: 3 hotels with meeting rooms

Huntsville Marriott patio
Take a break on the patio at the Huntsville Marriott and take in a view like no other. (Huntsville Marriott on Facebook)

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