Bad day? Top places in Huntsville to cheer you up immediately

Flowers will always cheer you up
Yes, you can buy yourself flowers. Visit a local farmers market to cheer you up. (Greene Street Market / Facebook)

Spring is just around the corner in the Rocket City, but sometimes that’s not enough to take the blues away.

So, if you need extra reasons to smile today, check out these Huntsville that will cheer you up in no time.

Go green

Picturesque pond at Huntsville Botanical Garden
I could sit by that pond and read for hours. (Huntsville Botanical Garden / Facebook)

There’s nothing like talking a walk outside to cheer you up and bring relaxation and focus into your life. Here are a few great spots you can visit:

  • Big Spring Park, of course! There’s nowhere better to take a peaceful stroll while feeling the buzz and bustle of the Rocket City.
  • Huntsville Botanical Garden: Spring is around the corner, and the blooming flowers will immediately put a smile on your face.
  • The lookout at Monte Sano: Nothing puts things into perspective like a view that takes your breath away.
  • Also be sure to check out Madison’s awesome greenways—they are a great place to walk your furry friend after a rough day.

Get creative

lowe mill january events
Huntsville’s art hotspots are the places to be on rainy days. (Jacob Blankenship / Hville Blast)

There’s something about working with your hands that feels so rewarding. That’s why getting creative is the perfect antidote for a hard day. Check out some of these top spots:

  • Lowe Mill: You already knew I was going to include this one. It’s hands down one of the best places to stroll around if you’re feeling down.
  • Downtown Huntsville Library: Grab an armful of books and get to reading. You’ll be lost in tales from far off places.

Wake up and smell the coffee

cafe 153
Vanilla, cinnamon and caramel—a latte flavors to cheer you up. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Coffee gets caffeine pumping through your veins and immediately puts a smile on your face. Plus, Huntsville has some amazing local shops, so make sure to grab a cappuccino or cortado to cheer you up.

Get your head in the game

sharon Johnston park disc golf
Getting active is the fastest way to cheer you up. (InZone Disc Golf / Facebook)

Getting up and getting your body moving is a great way to leave the bad days behind. Plus, you might surprise yourself and realize you are more competitive than you thought!

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Lacey Spear
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