Delicious fall lattes in Huntsville you need to try right now

Barista working at Honest Coffee
Cheers to autumn, Huntsville. It’s time to enjoy some fall flavors. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Autumn and coffee are two of my favorite things in the whole world. So, you can only imagine how happy I am when the two of them are put together.

Check out these five awesome spots to get fall lattes around Huntsville.

Pumpkin Spice at Lux Bru

Pumpkin spice latte at Lux Bru
Lux Bru’s chic aesthetic is the perfect backdrop for all your fall lattes insta pics. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

If the chic and classy aesthetic is your thing, you’ll love Lux Bru in Madison. While you’re sitting in the plush seating and enjoying the calm ambiance, make sure to try their iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Franken-Chai at The Moon Bakeshop

Interior of The Moon Bakeshop
You can choose from four amazing fall lattes at The Moon Bakeshop. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Located in the heart of downtown Huntsville, The Moon Bakeshop has a top notch fall latte menu:

  • P.S I Love You: house-made pumpkin spice with real pumpkin
  • Harvest Moon: Hazelnut, Honey + Cinnamon
  • Binx: Dark chocolate + orange
  • Franken-Chai: Chai, matcha + honey

Dirty Pumpkin Chai at The Cozy Cow

Pumpkin roll and pumpkin coffee at the Cozy Cow—a great place to grab fall lattes
Make sure to grab a delicious pumpkin roll to pair with your coffee (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast).

You may know The Cozy Cow for its cute farmhouse theme, but did you know that the owner makes the sweet treats from scratch every single day?

When you stop by, make sure to try the unique Dirty Pumpkin Chai topped with cold foam and pair it with a delicious pumpkin roll.

Lumberjack at Just Love Coffee Cafe

Interior of Just Love Coffee Cafe in Madison
I can’t wait to try the Lumberjack Latte. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Just Love Coffee Cafe has two locations—Madison and Huntsville. This autumn, you can enjoy the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Lumberjack—a tasty combo of maple spice, caramel and cinnamon.

Gimme S’more at Honest Coffee

Barista smiling with coffee at Honest Coffee
Honest Coffee has a solid fall menu. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Honest Coffee has fall lattes for everyone. I tried the Basic Witch and loved it—I can’t wait to try the others.

  • The Basic Witch: the classic pumpkin spice latte
  • Gimmie S’more: House-made mocha sauce mixed with marshmallow fluff and topped with graham cracker crumbs
  • Apple Pie Chai: a cozy chai latte with notes of caramel, apple and spices
  • Golden Milk Latter: warm and soothing blend of turmeric, fresh ginger and cracked pepper, topped with dried roses and cardamom sugar

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