Griffon Aerospace Inc. announces a new $401 million contract with the US Army

Griffon Aerospace Inc
Red, white and blue strong in Madison, Alabama (Griffon Aerospace Inc. / Facebook)

A small Alabama-based manufacturer is helping our troops. After signing a $401 million contract with the US Army, Griffon Aerospace Inc. is ready to produce unmanned aircraft system targets. Keep reading for more details.

Helping the troops from Madison, Alabama

Griffon Aerospace Inc
The team is ready to make sure the Army has everything it needs. (Griffon Aerospace Inc. / Facebook)

It seems fitting for a business in Alabama to announce its plans to help out our troops as our favorite red, white and blue holiday is just around the corner. Griffon Aerospace Inc. will manufacture aerial targets for the US Army including:

  • Related support equipment
  • Mission payload system devices
  • Support services
  • Training

For each order, work locations and funding will be determined. The project is estimated to be done on June 14, 2026, so the city of Madison will be helping out our country for a few years.

What is Griffon Aerospace Inc.?

Griffon Aerospace is no stranger to helping our country get aerospace products. Previously providing 3,600 unmanned air vehicles to the Department of Defense, the manufacturer also provides:

  • Engineering services
  • Flight services
  • Manufacturing services
  • Systems

This Alabama business is keeping it #Americanmade.

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