Huntsville-area job seekers can find more than 13K job listings

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More than 13,000 jobs are available for Huntsville-area job seekers this week. (Jacob Blankenship / Hville Blast)

While inflation remains an issue in the U.S., one problem we don’t have is lack of jobs available, and that remains true in the Huntsville area, as shows more than 13,000 job openings listed in and around the Rocket City.

Huntsville-area job seekers can find jobs in a bevy of different fields. Take a look at who’s hiring this week:

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Huntsville Hospital has nearly 1,000 job openings

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Huntsville Hospital has 964 jobs listed this week. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

This week sees the trend continue in the Huntsville job market wherein healthcare jobs are in high demand. Huntsville Hospital on its own has nearly 1,000 open positions on Crestwood Medical Center has nearly 300. That’s a huge chunk of the jobs available in the Huntsville area.

As well, Huntsville-area job seekers can find jobs ranging from food service, retail and hospitality to tech and engineering jobs. Check out these local employers with the most listings this week:

Check out more openings in the Huntsville area on

Hville Blast is hiring too!

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Any Huntsville-area job seekers looking for a position in digital media? Apply at Hville Blast! (Hville Blast)

Guess what? Here at Hville Blast we have two positions open right now.

We have a position open for a Content Producer — someone who can capture the essence and energy of Huntsville and Madison and the surrounding communities via editorial content, social media and more. Read the full description in the above link.

Also, we are looking for an Account Executive who can help market our brand and form partnerships with the local business community. Check out our listing here.

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