4 of Huntsville’s favorite ice cream spots + 2 new locations to try right in time for summer

big spoon creamery
Oh, so many flavors! (Big Spoon Creamery / Instagram)

It’s going to be another hot summer for Huntsville, with the average high being around 90° (and some days, even higher). Luckily, there are plenty of locations in both Huntsville and Madison selling freshly-made, chilly treats to help you cool down.

We reached out to our Instagram followers and got the scoop on the locals’ favorite ice cream shops are around town.

1. Handel’s Ice Cream

handel's ice cream
Sprinkles make everything better. (Handel’s Ice Cream Huntsville / Facebook)

A delicious tradition that started in the summer of 1945 in Ohio, Handel’s Ice Cream serves dozens of different flavors in the same uniquely creamy texture. You can find Handel’s in 10 other states, and we’re happy to be home to both of the only Alabama locations.

2. Rita’s Italian Ice + Frozen Custard

rita's frozen custard
Fresh, creamy flavors. (Rita’s Italian Ice / Instagram)

Don’t let their name fool you — Rita’s sells more than just Italian ice and frozen custard. You can combine the two delicacies into gelati, or blend them even further into a Blendini or Misto Shake. There are plenty of flavors to be discovered at Rita’s, so be sure to check out their Madison location.

3. Three Scoops

three scoops ice cream
Do you like your scoops in a bowl or waffle cone? (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

Three Scoops was founded in Huntsville by a family trio (how perfect, right?) who wanted to provide their community with a variety of sweet treats, including some healthier choices. The owners plan to develop a catering option and a mobile vending service.

4. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

bruster's real ice cream
The strawberries make it healthy, right? (Bruster’s Real Ice Cream / Instagram)

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream opened their first location in Pennsylvania in 1989, and since then, they’ve expanded to 21 other states including Guyana and South Korea. All of Bruster’s treats are made in-store, from their famous flavors to their shakes and freezes.

5. ChillaBay Dessert Bar

chillabay ice cream
You can never go wrong with an M&M topping. (ChillaBay / Instagram)

The owners of Honest Coffee Roasters — a Huntsville and Madison hotspot — have opened a brand new dessert bar. Step inside and you’ll be transported to a different world full of good vibes and fresh flavors sure to help you chill out.

6. COMING SOON — Big Spoon Creamery

big spoon creamery
We can’t wait for this deliciousness to arrive on Jefferson Street! (Big Spoon Creamery / Instagram)

Big Spoon Creamery was co-founded in 2014 by the O’Hara family in Birmingham, and soon, they’ll be opening their third location in Huntsville. Expected to arrive this May, their goal is to connect community through people’s love for ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and premium sundaes.

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