It’s King Cake season—11 Huntsville spots to get it

king cake mason Dixon
I’ll take a slice—a large one, please. (Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro / Facebook)

It may feel like we just celebrated New Years, but we’re already looking forward to February and all the Mardi Gras festivities that it’ll bring—including king cake.

We may not be in New Orleans, but there’s still plenty of Mardi Gras spirit here in North Alabama. Here are 10 Huntsville-area spots where you can get king cake pastries, lattes, martinis and more.

1. Mason Dixon Bakery

Looking for a king cake that everyone can eat? Mason Dixon offers a gluten-free version as well as a new dairy-free option this year. Be sure to call in your order before they’re gone!

2. Dragon’s Forge Cafe

dragon's forge king cake latte
Leave it to Dragon’s Forge to create Mardi Gras in latte form. (Dragon’s Forge Cafe / Facebook)

Dragon’s Forge serves king cake in two forms—a latte and king cake minis. If you get both, you’ll be the ultimate Mardi Gras fan.

3. The Camp at MidCity

the camp king cake
Straight out of New Orleans. (The Camp at MidCity / Facebook)

The Camp is the place to go for Mardi Gras in Huntsville this year. So, of course they have to have authentic king cake. They’ve got the Manny Randazzo variety straight from New Orleans.

4. PJ’s Coffee

king cake pj's coffee
PJ’s of New Orleans wouldn’t be PJ’s of New Orleans without this. (PJ’s Coffee Madison, AL / Facebook)

PJ’s Coffee has its roots in New Orleans, so they have to bring the Mardi Gras festivities to their new Madison location. They’ve got three kinds of king cake lattes (King Cake Velvet Ice, King Cake Latte and King Cake Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam) as well as the pastry itself.

5. The Moon Bakeshop

the moon bakeshop king cake
Can you guess what flavor is wrapped inside? (The Moon Bakeshop / Facebook)

The Moon Bakeshop always brings unique flavors to classic pastries, and the king cake is no exception. They use brioche and panettone doughs with hints of orange, almond and vanilla, wrap it around blackberry jam and top it with cream cheese glaze. As with many of The Moon’s items, these will sell out quickly!

6. Edgar’s Bakery

Edgar's king cake
Which flavor will you choose? (Edgar’s Bakery / Facebook)

Edgar’s Bakery is a go-to for seasonal sweets. This year, their king cake is back in five different varieties: cream cheese, pecan praline, strawberry cream cheese, traditional and mini. Which one’s your favorite?

7. KBG Cakes

keg cakes king cake
Homemade right here in North Alabama. (KBG Cakes / Facebook)

KBG Cakes is a local business selling stunning homemade cakes for special occasions. To celebrate this occasion, this professional baker (and mom!) is whipping up king cakes with various yummy fillings to choose from.

8. Cajun Steamer

king cake martini cajun steamer
Mardi Gras in a glass. (Cajun Steamer – Huntsville, Al / Facebook)

Cajun Steamer brings the party every Mardi Gras, with their drink specials festive atmosphere. They’ll be celebrating with King Cake Martinis and Mardi Mules!

9. Regale Cupcakery

king cake cupcake regale
Sparkly and sweet. (Regale Cupcakery / Facebook)

Find a cute take on the king cake at Regale Cupcakery. Last February, they offered this special and we’re on the lookout for them to offer it again this year.

10. Suzanne’s Bakery & Eatery

Suzanne's bakery and eatery king cake
There’s king cake for the folks out in Athens, too! (Suzanne’s Bakery & Eatery / Facebook)

Suzanne’s Bakery & Eatery has been baking homemade goods for 18 years. Needless to say, they know what they’re doing when it comes to cakes—including king cake. We’re watching out for when they’ll be offering them this year!

11. The Bakingtist

the Bakingtist king cake
The Bakingtist is the newest spot to get king cake this year. (The Bakingtist / Facebook)

The Bakingtist just opened last December, and we’ve been loving their sweet treats and fermented breads. They’re celebrating the season by making their own king cake with brioche dough, cinnamon sugar and cream cheese icing.

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