Land Trust makes new acquisition of 40+ acres on Huntsville’s Drake Mountain

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The Land Trust of North Alabama recently acquired 44 acres on Drake Mountain. (Land Trust of North Alabama)

The Land Trust of North Alabama has had a pretty eventful several months lately, as the organization has secured hundreds of acres of land in the area for conservation purposes. Which is great news for outdoors enthusiasts and environmentalists.

Now, the Land Trust announced recently that it has just acquired 44 acres at Drake Mountain in Huntsville. Here are the details:

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Drake Mountain

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Drake Mountain is located in East Huntsville. (Land Trust of North Alabama)

Located in East Huntsville, Drake Mountain Quarry was used by Alabama Concrete to mine rocks for construction projects in and around Huntsville.

Lying on the western side of the mountain and being highly visible from both Dug Hill Road and Highway 431, the forested mountainside is a key acquisition by the Land Trust to protect the viewshed within the area.

The property also includes multiple springs, sinks and other geologic features, as well as habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna. This natural landscape is a great conservation addition in an area of the city experiencing rapid growth.

Access to the land is currently limited, so it will not be open for public recreation. However, the Land Trust plans to pursue future expansion of preserved land in the area.

Recent Land Trust acquisitions

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The Land Trust of North Alabama has taken over care of Cane Creek. (Land Trust of North Alabama)

This recent acquisition at Drake Mountain is just the latest in a list of new land acquired by the Land Trust in the last several months.

Since last year, the Land Trust of North Alabama has acquired:

If you are interested in supporting the organization’s efforts, become a member here!

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