National Intern Day — meet the innovative interns of Hville Blast

Screenshot of a social media slate meeting for National Intern Day
Always coming up with new ideas during social slate meetings! (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

To celebrate National Intern Day, we’ve put together a behind-the-scenes look at the rising creators who help generate content for Hville Blast, the ultimate guide for exploring the Rocket City.

Read on for a closer look at who our interns really are, learn about their internship experience and check out their favorite posts they’ve published so far.

Elizabeth Hobbs

Headshot of Elizabeth
Elizabeth has interned with Hville Blast since June 2023, and had previously interned with The Bama Buzz since September 2022. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Elizabeth is a rising senior at Auburn University majoring in Marketing. She loves music and has been to 15 concerts, collects records and is a radio DJ for Auburn’s student-run radio station, WEGL 91.1.

She also loves coffee shops! Check out her coffee shop review page — you can normally find Elizabeth in Huntsville’s coffee shops doing the Craft Coffee Trail. Her favorite places in town are Lowe Mill, Vertical House Records and the Orion Amphitheater.

“It has been such a joy interning with Hville Blast and Bama Buzz for almost a year now! I love sharing my unique perspective of the area such as my favorite artsy businesses, creative things to do in the area, and spotlighting my hometown of Athens. Building relationships with the Hville Blast team and exploring new places have been the highlights of this summer!”

Elizabeth Hobbs, Content Producer Intern, Hville Blast

Elizabeth’s favorite post she’s made is a TikTok about an Asteroid City inspired day in Huntsville.

Collin Stewart

Headshot of Collin
Collin has interned with Hville Blast since June 2023. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

Collin is currently in his second year at the University of Alabama, majoring in Creative Media. His goal is to work in the film industry as either a director or a job in postproduction.

He is very interested in film production and camerawork.

“The best thing I’ve learned working for Hville Blast is being able to show my creative side while also taking criticism. My co-workers are great at communicating with me and they make sure I communicate with them in the same way. This has been my favorite internship experience so far!”

Collin Stewart, Content Producer Intern, Hville Blast

Collin’s favorite post he’s made is a Reel about arcades in Huntsville.

Curtis Venetta

Headshot of Curtis
Curtis has interned with Hville Blast since October 2022. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

Curtis is heading into his senior year at The University of Alabama in Huntsville — he is majoring in Writing with a minor in Web Communications. When he’s not working on producing content for Hville Blast, he enjoys writing songs and managing his dog’s Instagram account.

Curtis loves everything pop culture: collecting records, going to concerts, seeing movies and more.

“This has been my first internship experience, and I have been blown away by how incredibly supportive, flexible and resourceful the Hville Blast team has been. I love connecting with my coworkers while simultaneously gaining insight into the ever-changing world of media.”

Curtis Venetta, Content Producer Intern, Hville Blast

Curtis’s favorite post he’s made is his first ever small business feature on Flower Child Maysville.

Happy National Intern Day, Huntsville! We hope you enjoyed this personal guide to the interns of Hville Blast.

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Curtis Venetta
Curtis Venetta
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