Neon Lilly’s unfortunate closing—what you need to know

neon Lilly
We’ll miss the authentic flavors of this Eurasian spot. (Neon Lilly)

Here in Huntsville, we cherish the spots that offer authentic cuisine from around the world.

That’s why we’re sad to say goodbye to Neon Lilly, the Eurasian spot in Bridge Street that served up Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Kazakh dishes. Here’s what you need to know about their closing.

Neon Lilly closed last month due to the owners’ illness

Liliya Taylor (or “Lilly” as referred to by friends and family) is originally from Kazakhstan, and she brought the authentic flavors of home to the United States. According to a story on Rocket City Now, she moved here after meeting her husband, who served in the US military, in Ukraine.

She started her restaurant as a food truck, and eventually opened a permanent storefront in Bridge Street in 2021.

On the menu, you could find authentic dishes Kielbasa Ukraine, Borscht and Plov Uzbekistan. With all those delicious international flavors, we had to include them on our list of 9 authentic spots to find international food in Huntsville.

So, we were sad to hear that Lilly was in bad health at the end of last year, according to an Instagram post that she made.

On the tails of her diagnosis, she announced that Neon Lilly would no longer be open in Bridge Street.

“Our lease is ending on Bridge st, and we will not renew it.”

Liliya Taylor, owner of Neon Lilly, via Instagram

We may not be saying goodbye forever

neon Lilly
This location is closing, but will there be another? (Bridge Street Town Centre / Facebook)

We’ll certainly miss Neon Lilly and its flavorful, unique dishes. But, we’ll be watching out for it to reopen, somewhere, someday in the future.

“Until I get better no way to say what happens. I don’t say goodbye forever. Thank you all who support!”

Liliya Taylor, owner of Neon Lilly, via Instagram

You can still follow along with Neon Lilly on Instagram, where she often posts recipes and updates.

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