NEW: Apollo Park’s final phase—including kayak lagoon—to begin construction immediately

big spring park
We can’t wait to see the water at Apollo Park. (City of Huntsville)

Let the construction begin! A $7.9 million contract just got approved by the Huntsville City Council, and the final phase of Apollo Park is coming soon. Yes, there are kayaks involved. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the final phase?

apollo park map
This new park will be a community hub. (City of Huntsville)

Huntsville’s Apollo Park, which includes the Orion Amphitheater and TopGolf, is a part of the MidCity District. The final phase of the park brings lots of outdoor activities to the district, including—wait for it—lagoons.

As the highlight of the new development, Apollo Park’s lagoons will be open for kayaking and canoeing—in the middle of the city. How cool is that?

Here’s what else is going between the Orion and TopGolf as a part of Apollo Park’s final phase:

  • Walking paths
  • Green spaces
  • A fitness court
  • Original artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Beautiful landscaping

“This park represents the City’s commitment to offer recreational options for our residents in every part of Huntsville.”

Mayor Tommy Battle

When will it be complete?

MidCity is already full of life. (Hville Blast)

After the Huntsville City Council approved the $7.9 million contract, Lambert Construction is set to begin construction on the project immediately. You can expect the 20-acre park to be complete by late 2024, as construction is estimated to take one year.

But Apollo Park isn’t the only thing MidCity has in store. Here are some other big projects that we’ll see come to fruition over the next several years:

  • Wellory Living: A net-zero-energy multifamily development
  • Anthem House: A $110 million hospitality development
  • Camp Pickle: A 1940’s camp themed pickleball destination
  • Hotel Indigo: A $15 million hotel from ViaNova Development and Buffalo Construction

And of course, there’s plenty to do in MidCity while we’re waiting on these projects’ completion (have you checked out this new bakery yet?).

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