PJ’s Coffee is opening their 1st Madison location soon + what’s on their menu

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What’s your order? (PJ’s Coffee)

PJ’s Coffee is bringing good times and great coffee from NOLA to Madison this June. The Madison store will be the first in North Alabama and the fourth in the entire state. Keep reading to find out why you should spend your coffee break at PJ’s.

Why Madison?

Coffee flight from Rocket City Coffee Company
have you made your way to the Rocket City Coffee Company? (Rocket City Coffee Company on Facebook)

Most of us know that Huntsville is ranked as the 3rd best place to live in the US (I’d argue that it should be first place) and according to the 2020 US Census, Huntsville is now the largest city in Alabama. This comes to nobody’s surprise considering all the new and exciting developments making their way to the Rocket City.

Seriosuly, check out some of Huntsville’s + Madison’s growth:

Because of these cities’ growth, PJ’s has landed in Madison, bringing unique gourmet coffee blends to our city. We’re excited that PJ’s coffee will be joining Madison’s repertoire of amazing coffee shops.

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans

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I’m a goner for anything pastry or breakfast related. (PJ’s Coffee)

PJ’s Coffee found that many Louisiana residents relocate to Alabama, bringing the market for PJ’s Coffee to the Heart of Dixie. Anybody else have Beyonce’s Formation stuck in their head (my mama Lousiana, my daddy Alabama)? With the help of the Dodich’s, an Alabama family, PJ’s was able to open their first coffee shop in Mobile.

With unique beverage and food options, you’re bound to find something you like. Take a sneak peek at what they have to offer:

  • King Cake Latte: For this drink, think Espresso Dolce and cinnamon.
  • White Chocolate Latte: This one is a fan-fave because of the rich Ghirardelli® white chocolate used.
  • Beignets: A billowy fried dough that’s a staple to NOLA foodies.

We’re ready to see what PJ’s brings to Madison, Alabama!

Will you be stopping by this coffee shop when it opens? Tag us in your pics @HvilleBlast, we want to see them!

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