Starbucks’ Biggest Location in Alabama is about to be Downtown

autograph collection hotel starbucks
This downtown Huntsville hotel will be home to the new Starbucks. (City of Huntsville)

The biggest Starbucks in Alabama is currently in the University of Alabama’s Ferguson Center. But that’s about to change.

The Autograph Collection Hotel on Monroe Street in downtown Huntsville, set to open late 2023 or early 2024, will be home to Alabama’s largest Starbucks.

Taking the lead

The Ferguson Center location of Starbucks is now in second place, with the new location topping it. The downtown Huntsville Starbucks will be about 2,800 square feet—large enough to accommodate all the PSL fans.

Wondering if it will be the biggest location in the nation? Not quite. There’s another, bigger Starbucks in Chicago that’s about 12 times the size of the one planned for downtown Huntsville.

The location

Big Spring Park
The new hotel will overlook beautiful Big Spring Park. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

The hotel that will be home to the new Starbucks is a part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection and will overlook Big Spring Park.

The Starbucks will include an outdoor seating area and a roomy interior. While it will be attached directly to the new hotel, it will be independently operated.

So, while you’re downtown catching an event or a nice walk through Big Spring Park, you’ll be able to stop by and grab your favorite drink.

Where you can grab Starbucks in Huntsville

While we’re waiting for this massive Starbucks to open, there’s plenty of (smaller) Starbucks in the Huntsville area. You can find them on Airport Road, Governors Drive, North Memorial Parkway, Winchester Road and many other locations.

BONUS: Looking for more new coffee options? Turbo Coffee just opened in the Lincoln Mill district, and Honest Coffee just opened another location in Madison.

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