5 spots in Huntsville to get great croissants – National Croissant Day

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National Croissant Day is Monday! Go celebrate in Huntsville! (The Moon Bake Shop via Facebook)

If you did not already know, Monday, Jan. 30, is National Croissant Day, celebrating that delicious French pastry that everybody loves! So why not celebrate this treat yourself by visiting a local bakery today?

Here are five spots in the Huntsville area where you can fully appreciate the flaky, tasty goodness of a croissant:

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The Moon Bakeshop

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How does THIS look for celebrating National Croissant Day? (The Moon Bakeshop via Facebook)

The Moon Bakeshop has a whole menu full of baked goods that are ALL delicious, but their croissants are out of this world (yes, pun intended). Definitely give them a visit!

L’Etoile Patisserie

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L’Etoile Patisserie has some of the best croissants in town! (L’Etoile Patisserie via Facebook)

If you have not been to L’Etoile Patisserie (at Holtz Leather on Meridian), you’re missing out, because they have some of the most authentic French pastries I have ever tasted!

Le Macaron

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National Croissant Day celebrates the delicious French pastry, and its hard to beat the croissants at Le Macaron. (Le Macaron via Facebook)

Le Macaron has locations at Valley Bend and at Bridge Street, and both locations offer up some of the best croissants around, as this bakery specializes in French pastries. Check them out when you get a chance!

The Bakingtist

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Holy Moly. The Bakingtist just opened in Huntsville in December and already has a serious following. And why not? (The Bakingtist via Facebook)

If you want to celebrate National Croissant Day with some variety, try the various types of croissants at the Bakingtist, which just opened in Huntsville in December.

They have pretzel croissants, chocolate croissants, ham+ Gruyere croissants and more!


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Donuts and danishes aren’t the only specialties at Edgar’s Bakery in Huntsville. (Edgar’s via Facebook)

In addition to finding some fabulous donuts, danishes and other sweets at Edgar’s Bakery in Huntsville, you can also find fresh buttered croissants that are wonderful with their signature chicken salad!

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