New bachelor’s degree program introduced at UAH

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UAH will offer a new bachelor’s degree program in engineering technology in the fall 2022 semester. (Jacob Blankenship / Hville Blast)

The University of Alabama in Huntsville will offer students a new bachelor’s degree option this fall, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology.

The program is designed to meet the needs of students seeking to pursue a career in applied engineering, the school said.

What is the BSET?

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The BSET is a new bachelor’s degree program that allows students to explore the integration of engineering principles and modern technology. (UAH)

UAH describes the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology as an applied program that allows students to explore the integration of engineering principles and modern technology.

Also, most courses are accelerated so they can be completed in seven weeks instead of 14. The degree requirements include 41-42 hours of general education, 10-12 hours of pre-professional courses, 26-28 hours of general electives and 48 hours of engineering technology courses.

Graduates will use their math, science and engineering skills to design products and systems, install and maintain products, and provide a wide range of services.

How is engineering technology different from engineering?

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UAH offers a wide array of degrees in the engineering field. (Jacob Blankenship / Hville Blast)

Engineering and engineering technology are separate but related professions. The differences in the programs at UAH are subtle but evident:

  • Engineering undergraduate programs include more mathematics work and higher-level mathematics than technology programs.
  • Engineering undergraduate programs often focus on theory, while technology programs focus on application.
  • Graduates from engineering programs are called engineers, while graduates of technology programs are often called “technologists.”
  • Once they enter the workforce, engineering graduates typically spend their time planning, while engineering technology graduates spend their time making plans work.

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