OTJ Architects’ interior designers find new home at Coin Coworking


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Interior designers Amy Williams (left) and Rebecca Lindgren (right) of OTJ Architects work from Coin Coworking at Lincoln Mill. (Lacey Spear/Hville Blast)

In today’s work climate, remote working is becoming more of a norm than ever, and that has opened opportunities for employers to find workers all over the country without those employees having to relocate.

This is the case for interior designers Amy Williams and Rebecca Lindgren, who work for Washington-DC-based OTJ Architects. Williams and Lindgren have found their work home at Coin Coworking space at Huntsville’s Lincoln Mill.

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About OTJ Architects

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Working from Coin Coworking has afforded Amy and Rebecca the opportunity to serve OTJ Clients in Huntsville. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

OTJ Architects — a premier architecture and design practice that partners with leading organizations at key moments of transition in their development — has 16 studios nationwide.

OTJ delivers enduring human-centric solutions that promote diversity, wellness and sustainability across the commercial real estate, corporate, government, life sciences, multi-family, arts, culture, and education, as well as nonprofit sectors.

The firm expanded to Huntsville as several clients re-envisioned their Huntsville locations. Lindgren came on board to help with the design and construction of a six-story tenant improvement at Redstone Gateway. As OTJ won additional projects in Huntsville, Williams joined the Huntsville team.

Together, Lindgren and Williams provide local support for projects in Huntsville and design support for projects in OTJ’s DC Studio and around the country. For each project, OTJ leads a visioning and planning session at initiation to fully understand specific needs and desires for the client’s workforce and space.

The firm develops detailed plans and presentations to illustrate finish palettes, 3D renderings and plans for space layout, power, lighting and finishes. OTJ also provides coordination with engineers during the design process and provides construction oversight through project completion.

About Amy Williams and Rebecca Lindgren

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Williams and Lindgren use one of Coin Coworking’s private offices. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

The roles Williams and Lindgren play at OTJ allow for collaboration with an incredibly talented team and exposure to the highest level of design. They say they get inspiration from seeing the work their firm is doing across the country, and to have the opportunity to bring that level of design to their clients in Huntsville.

Both interior designers came across their trade early on.

“I knew from a very young age that I wanted to create places where people live, work and play! I don’t think I even knew it was called Architecture! 25 years later and with experience in a variety of roles I love the work we do creating the built environment!”

Rebecca Lindgren, OTJ Architects

Williams followed in her aunt’s footsteps after hearing about her work as an interior designer while Williams was growing up.

“I loved the idea that I could make decisions that positively impact how people experience a particular place or space. I majored in Interior Design in college and have been working in the industry for almost ten years. I have had roles in architectural interior design, space planning and furniture specification, and government facility support and came to OTJ in the summer of 2022 excited to move into a creative, design-oriented role with an incredibly talented team!”

Amy WIlliams, OTJ Architects

Finding a home at Coin Coworking

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Williams and Lindgren began working from Coin this year. (Lacey Spear/Hville Blast)

Why did Williams and Lindgren choose Coin Coworking as their office location? Well, after the duo worked from their homes for the first few months, they decided they needed to find an office in Huntsville.

However, in their search for a Huntsville office, they quickly realized that leasing an office may not be the best fit for a two-person team. Then they ran across Coin Coworking during a trip to Osco / Turner-Boone at Lincoln Mill and quickly found that Coin had everything they were looking for in a shared office space with fabulous amenities.

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Amenities like use of the space’s kitchen and break room made Coin an attractive choice for Williams and Lindgren. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

Located at 1300 Meridian St N Suite 200A, Huntsville, AL 35801 in the historic Lincoln Mill, Coin Coworking has been exactly what Williams and Lindgren have needed in a work space. They said they have loved working at Coin Coworking thus far, citing the fabulous office in a prime location with a rich history.

“Coin has all the amenities we need: private office space for two, conference and lounge areas to meet with outside vendors and clients, and not to forget the full kitchen with fresh brewed coffee and snacks!” Williams said. “Being able to have a dedicated space where we can work effectively together has facilitated collaboration and creativity and we are excited to continue our work in this space.”

Coin has three tiers of membership:

  • Private Office – Starting at $1,000 a month, you have your own private office in the Coin coworking space, which includes a desk, filing cabinet and the option to bring in more office supplies that you need.
  • Dedicated Desk – For $320 a month, you have your own desk in the open workspace, so you can always have the same desk in the same spot, and store your files, keep your computer, etc. at the desk.
  • Flex Space – At $190 a month, this is an incredibly affordable option, and allows you access to the space, and wherever inside the space you choose to work.

OTJ chose the first option, with use of a private office. However, all tiers of membership include access to the kitchen, conference room and quiet rooms. Coin also offers services like a mailing address for your company for $100 a month. And if you just need to just come in for a day, a daylong pass is just $50. Also, there’s free parking at Lincoln Mill.

Want to learn more about Coin or schedule a tour? Go to Coin’s website today!

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