NEW: Singing River Trail Launch Tank competition has a winner

rocket city e-bikes Nathan trotter
We’re excited too, Nathan. (Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals / Facebook)

Let’s give Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals a round of applause—they’re the winners of the Singing River Trail’s Launch Tank 2035 competition.

Keep reading to find out what the competition was like and how Rocket City E-Bikes took home the prize.

About the Singing River Trail’s Launch Tank 2035 competition

singing river trail launch competition
This competition is big for the whole community. (Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals / Facebook)

Launch 2035 sponsored this competition, which is similar to ABC’s “Shark Tank.” The organization worked with the Singing River Trail in an effort to bring innovation to the massive project—a 220-mile trail sprawling across North Alabama.

Earlier this year, 45 applicants submitted their ideas to Singing River Trail Launch Tank 2035. Then, this month, they selected eight finalists to compete at Athens State University, pitching their innovative ideas to judges in real-time.

Sounds nerve-racking, right? Now add the fact that there was a lot of money at stake.

To be exact, it was $20,000 to be awarded to all eight finalists, with the first-place winner receiving $5,000.

And the winner is…

rocket city e-bike rentals
Ready to ride? (Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals / Facebook)

Each of these eight finalists gave incredible pitches for their ideas. But, Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals, which just celebrated their grand opening in Huntsville, came out on top with their humorous pitch.

Nathan Tucker and Ash Moorer, the owners of Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals, had the judges and spectators laughing as they got into character—one as a young person who could bike for hours and his father who was less than thrilled at the thought.

The hilarious pitch won them the first-place spot, which will help their grow their business and further their mission.

“We are SO excited to bring e-bike rentals to North Alabama. Our mission is simple… get people together outside, and our e-bikes have proven to be one of the best ways to do so.”

Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals via Facebook

Coming in at second place and winning $4,000 was Fow Wow Designs, the Huntsville t-shirt business that made the iconic “Whisk You Were Here” shirt. It just so happens that the first- and second-place winners share the same little blue building at 108 Howe Avenue NE in downtown Huntsville!

Here’s how the rest of the competition shook out.

  • Third Place: Black Kids Adventures, $3,000
  • Fourth Place: River Elf, $2,500
  • Fifth Place: Be Gathered Rentals, $2,000
  • Sixth Place: Ride Resorts Benefit, $1,500
  • Seventh Place: Greene Books, $1,000
  • Eighth Place: InTerra LLC, $1,000

Congratulations to all the innovative finalists for a successful run in the Singing River Trail Launch 2035 competition!

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