8 Huntsville spots to grab hot chocolate + where to stroll with it

hot chocolate turbo coffee
Can I trade my coffee for one of these? (Turbo Coffee / Facebook)

I’d say it’s officially hot chocolate season. You might enjoy hot chocolate at the Galaxy of Lights or rinkside while skating in the park, but who’s to say you can’t enjoy hot chocolate on any other day?

We’ve got 8 spots where you can enjoy hot chocolate any other day. Plus, we’ve included places near each hot chocolate spot to stroll with your warm to-go cup in hand. Let’s get to it!

1. Turbo Coffee

This one’s a new option in Huntsville, and we’re loving it. In addition to their lattes, bowls and toasts, Turbo also whips up some delicious hot chocolate. Here’s where to fid them.

WHERE TO TAKE IT: Head over to Holtz Leather Company or Preservation Company to browse their beautiful local goods with hot chocolate in hand!

2. Cozy Cow

cozy cow
They’re ready for the holiday season at Cozy Cow! (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Cozy Cow is a classic Huntsville spot located adjacent to Big Spring Park. If you’re stopping in for one of their delicious sandwiches, add on a hot chocolate for a sweet finish.

WHERE TO TAKE IT: Big Spring Park, of course! Stroll around the pond and cross the iconic red bridge.

3. Dragon’s Forge

dragons forge hot chocolate
Now that looks festive. (Dragon’s Forge Cafe / Facebook)

Dragon’s Forge takes their hot chocolate to the next level by adding peppermint.

WHERE TO TAKE IT: Stroll through Lowe Mill to find unique art and maybe even some fun gifts!

4. Angel’s Island Coffee

This one’s for the South Huntsvillians! Angel’s Island Coffee’s got some delicious lattes, but don’t miss the hot chocolate.

WHERE TO TAKE IT: Check out The Cottage Collective to find some cute gifts, clothes and cards.

5. Honest Coffee

Be honest…do you like hot chocolate as much as we do? (Samuel Johnson / Honest Coffee)

Honest Coffee just opened up its new Madison location, so you’ve got two options for grabbing delicious drinks (like hot cocoa!) in the area.

WHERE TO TAKE IT: If you’re getting your hot cocoa at the Huntsville location, be sure to stroll around the Clinton Row Shops for a unique and fun shopping experience, including AM Collective!

6. Piper & Leaf

piper and leaf
Nothing like a cup of Piper & Leaf. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

You can always count on Piper & Leaf for some delicious hot tea, but they also have hot chocolate!

WHERE TO TAKE IT: If you’re at the downtown Huntsville location, take a few minutes to explore out the back door of Piper and Leaf where you’ll find Constitution Village’s beautiful interior!

7. Chocolate Gallery

chocolate gallery
All the chocolate you could ever want—including hot chocolate bombs! (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

For a more DIY version, grab one of The Chocolate Gallery’s hot chocolate bombs that you can melt in some steamy milk at home!

WHERE TO TAKE IT: Home. You’ll want to melt that bomb right away!

8. Northside Coffee Roasters

Bet you didn’t know there’s hot chocolate inside. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Northside Coffee Roasters inside is the only place on this list where you’ll find hot chocolate in the same place as a brewery! Located inside Beezr, Northside Coffee serves up some deliciously cozy drinks—including hot chocolate.

WHERE TO TAKE IT: Once you’ve gotten your cocoa, stroll around the beautiful square downtown, and check out the unique pop-ups with swings and cute lights.

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