Welcome these 3 new businesses to the Huntsville area

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Phase two of The Bakingtist is one of the new businesses we welcomed to Huntsville this past week. (Hville Blast)

The Huntsville and Madison County business community continues to grow, and recent announcements of new business openings are indicators of that growth.

This past week we welcomed three new businesses to the Huntsville area, while unfortunately seeing two businesses close. Here’s more:

1. The Bakingtist (reopening)

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The Bakingtist had a grand “re-opening” recently with new menu items. (Curtis Venetta/Hville Blast)

The Bakingtist hosted a grand reopening to officially launch their new menu on Friday, August 11. The bakery is on a mission to share the science behind baking and recently added brand new sandwiches to its line up of breads and pastries.

The Bakingtist, which opened last December, has added a variety of new sandwiches (named after scientists!) and drinks to its menu of artisan breads, pastries and other made-from-scratch baked goods.

2. Edgar’s Bakery – Town Madison

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One of the new businesses we welcomed this week was Edgar’s Bakery in Town Madison. (Audrey Johnson/Hville Blast)

Birmingham-based Edgar’s Bakery opened its third Huntsville-area location recently. With locations already thriving in South Huntsville and the Village of Providence, the bakery opened its latest location in Town Madison.

3. Blue Oak BBQ

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Blue Oak BBQ, based in New Orleans, is another one of the new businesses coming to Huntsville. (Blue Oak BBQ)

According to Louisiana-based Blue Oak BBQ’s website, a new Huntsville location for the chain is opening in “late 2023.” The new location in the MidCity district will be a welcomed addition, especially for those who want to grab a bite to eat before a concert at the Orion.

The restaurant is known for their ribs, pulled pork, brisket and smoked chicken wings.

Closings: Offbeat Coffee Studio, Rocket Rooster’s Coffee N’ Go

offbeat coffee
In addition to welcoming new businesses to Huntsville, we also said farewell to Offbeat Coffee Studio. (Sarah Gronberg/Hville Blast)

Two local coffee spots closed this past week, with Offbeat Coffee Studio closing both of its Huntsville locations, and Rocket Rooster’s Coffee N’ Go closing in Madison.

Over its five years in business, Offbeat Coffee Studio crafted some of the most creative coffees Huntsville’s ever gotten to experience. From their beautiful Galaxy Latte to recent creations like the Charred Grapefruit Espresso Soda, their ever-changing menu kept us coming back for more.

Rocket Rooster’s was the drive-thru location for Rooster’s Crow Coffee Roastery in Huntsville, which will keep their original coffee shop open on Whitesburg Drive.

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