You can now order from Toybox Bistro’s amazing menu

toybox bistro
ToyBox Bistro is back in a new way. (ToyBox Bistro Facebook)

ToyBox Bistro will make its return to Huntsville through online pickup. The restaurant, which opened in 2016 and celebrated all things “nerd”, closed this summer much to the community’s dismay.

Bill Bridgmon, the restaurant’s creator, took to Facebook to share the news about online orders. The process is just getting started so if you order, be patient while the initiative gets off of the ground.

Where can you find more information?

More information is available on the ToyBox Bistro Facebook page. Orders will be taken over private message only, and every item will be ready to eat. The microwavable meals will be a la carte and must be prepaid for over Venmo, CashApp or Square.

Today’s menu included pot roast sundae, hot potato salad and baby potatoes poutine. We’re excited to have this delicious cuisine back in the Rocket City.

Why did ToyBox Bistro close?

toybox bistro
ToyBox burgers were legendary. (ToyBox Bistro Facebook)

ToyBox Bistro closed due to the “aftermath of Covid.” We featured ToyBox in several guides including 3 Unique Huntsville Restaurants to Transport You to Another World and a celebration of National Hamburger Day.

Several other businesses in the Rocket City also closed this summer including three breweries: Salty Nut, Fractal Brewing and Bowler Hat Brewing.

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