8 Huntsville businesses we said goodbye to this year

big oh's
Big Oh’s was the latest business we said farewell to this year. (Jacob Blankenship / Hville Blast)

In 2022, we welcomed lots of new businesses here in Huntsville, but we also said a sad goodbye to others.

Here are eight spots we’ll be missing in 2023.

1. Big Oh’s

Big Oh’s hasn’t closed just yet. Their last day of serving up creative Korean fusion cuisine will be Friday, December 30. This well-known local spot, with its iconic green green awning, was open for 7 years on Downtown Huntsville’s Northside Square.

Here’s the full story.

2. Lewter Hardware Co.

The Washington Street gem. (HHF / Jim Teed Photographer)

Lewter Hardware is the oldest business on this list—by a long shot. We said goodbye to this much-loved store, where you could get all the hardware and help you needed, in October.

But, Lewter Hardware will not be forgotten. We’ve got the story on how UAH and the Historic Huntsville Foundation are working to preserve the legacy of this Huntsville landmark.

3. Ruchi

Ruchi’s flavorful dishes will be missed. (Ruchi / Facebook)

In September, this spot for flavorful Indian cuisine—which is cherished in Huntsville—shut its doors. After a combined five years of business at two different locations, Ruchi will be missed.

But, a new Indian spot, The Curry, opened on the heels of Ruchi’s closing, ensuring Huntsville gets its Indian food fix.

4. 3rd Base Grill

This little spot for wings and burgers on Highway 72 East fried its last burger on October 13 of this year. 3rd Base Grill’s local atmosphere will be missed!

5. Cafe 153

cafe 153
Cafe 153 shut down in Bridge Street, but will reopen in a new location. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Cafe 153 in Bridge Street shut its doors in October, but not for long. The cozy cafe will be renamed Martha Joe’s at Cafe 153 and will have a new location on Jeff Road in the days ahead.

In its place, Epic Brands—the group behind Agave & Rye in Bridge Street—will be bringing an eclectic Parisian cafe to Bridge Street. It’s called Paris Misfits, and it’s expected to open next year.

6. Rockabilly Bakery & Cafe

Rockabilly Bakery & Cafe said goodbye in October—but it might not be for good. The owners, in their announcement, said that they’re looking for someone to take over the bakery with all its delicious vegan goodies.

We have yet to hear what’s going to become of Rockabilly, but we hope to hear good news in 2023.

7. Sidetracks Music Hall

sidetracks music hall
This music hall rocked Huntsville from 2017 to 2022. (Sidetracks Music Hall / Facebook)

This popular Downtown Huntsville music venue shut its doors in August after five years of shows. It may not be the end of fun times at 415 Church Street, though—and we’ve got the story on that.

8. Cookie Dough Magic

cookie dough magic
We’ll miss the magic of this spot. (Cookie Dough Magic / Facebook)

Another October goodbye was for Cookie Dough Magic. This next-door neighbor to MELT served up edible cookie dough that looked just like ice cream—pretty magical.

However, their Facebook announcement left us a little bit of hope: “We hope to see you over the next two weeks as we say goodbye… for now.”

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